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We’ve been helping those in need for over a decade in the Pickens County Area.

Welcome to Dallas Smith Automotive, Your Trusted Automotive Partner in Pickens County!

With a legacy spanning over a decade, Dallas Smith Automotive has been the go-to destination for unparalleled automotive service in Pickens County. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every diagnostic assessment, tire change, and repair, oil change, and resolution of general car mechanic issues. We have proudly served the community with unwavering dedication. Our experienced team of mechanics is driven by a passion for ensuring your vehicle’s optimal performance and your safety on the road. At Dallas Smith Automotive, we don’t just fix cars; we build lasting relationships with our customers. Explore our comprehensive services, and let us be your trusted partner on the road to smooth and worry-free driving.

Our Mission

At DSA, our mission is simple: Honest service, and expert care. Guided by Christian values, we prioritize transparency, integrity, and diligent work. We lead with honesty—always upfront, always reliable. If we can’t do it, we’ll find someone who can. Your trust is our commitment, and your satisfaction is our success.

Our Vision

At DSA, our vision is clear: Action over words, helping others, and trustworthy service. We’re committed to being responsible stewards in our community. We redefine trust through the reliability of our work. At DSA, our actions speak louder, creating a community where every customer has a trustworthy partner on the road.

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Major Repairs

Our skilled mechanics specialize in major automotive repairs, tackling complex issues with precision. From engine overhauls to intricate electrical work, each repair reflects our commitment to excellence. Trust us for reliable solutions that prioritize your vehicle’s peak performance, safety, and satisfaction.

Minor Repairs

Our team specializes in swift and efficient minor repairs, addressing issues with a focus on precision. From break adjustments to belt replacements, we handle each task with care, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly. Our commitment to quality shines through in every minor repair, providing reliable solutions that prioritize your convenience and safety. Trust us to keep your vehicle in top condition with our dedicated approach to minor repairs.

Tune Ups

Revitalize your vehicle’s performance with our expert tune-up services. Our skilled technicians meticulously assess and optimize your engine components, ensuring peak efficiency and fuel economy. From spark plug replacements to air filter upgrades, our comprehensive tune-ups are tailored to enhance your driving experience. Trust us to keep your vehicle running at its best, delivering reliable and efficient solutions that elevate both performance and longevity.

Break Jobs

Your safety is our priority, and our break jobs reflect our commitment to it. Our skilled technicians provide comprehensive break services, from pad replacements to rotor resurfacing. With precision and attention to detail, we ensure your breaking system operates at peak performance. Trust us for reliable break solutions that enhance both safety and peace of mind on the road.

Computer diagnostics

Unlock the power of advanced technology with our computer diagnostics service. Our skilled technicians utilize cutting-edge tools to perform thorough assessments of your vehicle’s computer systems. From identifying engine issues to pinpointing electronic malfunctions, our diagnostics ensure accurate and efficient solutions. Trust us to harness the full potential of technology for precise and reliable insights into your vehicle’s health, keeping you informed and your car performing optimally.

Routine Maintenance

Experience the difference with our Routine Maintenance service—a commitment to the long-term health of your vehicle. From regular oil changes to fluid checks and filter replacements, our skilled technicians ensure your car stays in peak condition. We don’t just fix issues; we prevent them, making sure you keep coming back for reliable care that extends the life of your vehicle. Trust us to provide the consistent and quality routine maintenance your car deserves.

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